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Nov 19, 2011

We are happy to announce that our new web site is now online and we will be adding more features in the near future.


SETECS Group is the holding for its three subsidiary companies. The Group works in various areas of computer networks security: cloud security, trust for Internet and Web applications, privacy for users and transactions, mobile security, medical IT security and smart cards.

SETECS Group licenses its products and technologies and provides software and security services through its three subsidiary companies.

SETECS Security Technologies

SETECS Security Technologies provides products and services for cloud and Web environments and applications. Its products are Identity Management System, Public Key Infrastructure, Smart Cards Management System, Authentication and Authorization System, and Secure Web Portal.

SETECS MobileTechnologies

SETECS MobileTechnologies provides products and services for secure mobile transactions and applications.     Its products are Secure Mobile Payment System, three smart phone applications -- Secure Mobile Wallet, Secure Mobile Agent, and Secure Mobile Merchant, mobile Point-of-Sale (PoS) System, NFC Payment using either smart cards or NFC mobile phones, and Mobile Marketing Server.

SETECS MedicalTechnologies

SETECS Medical Technologies provides products and services for medical institutions and providers. Its products are Hospital, Regional and Global Medical Information Exchange (MIX) Servers, medical smart cards for providers and for patients, and various secure stations.

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