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SAFE System - General Information
General brochure describing the structure, functions and benefits of the SAFE system
SAFE System Description
Comprehensive description of system components, roles and mobile services
SAFE Wallet for SIM and UICC Chips
Implementation of the SAFE Wallet for UICC and SIM chips in mobile phones
SAFE System Description
Description of the step-by-step system operations and use (slides)
SAFE Wallet and SAFE Agent
Brochure describing SAFE Wallet and SAFE Agent smart phone applications
Manual for System Operations
Manual for operators and partners describing individual system mobile services and operations
SAFE System for Mobile Banking
Description of the SAFE system for mobile banking
Manual for Users using SMS Messages
Short manual for users illustrating the use of the system with SMS messages
Mobile Payments
Use of the SAFE system for various types of mobile payments
Wallet, Agent, Merchant Applications
Manual for users, agents and merchants using smart phone applications
SAFE System for Mobile Commerce
Use of mobile promotions, advertisements, coupons, gift cards, air-time and tickets
Mobile Telecom Services
Mobile payments of air-time and distribution of mobile content
Representative Agreement
The agreement with individuals as SETECS Mobile country or account representatives
Mobile Government Transactions
Distribution of benefits and information about Government services
Cooperation Agreement
The agreement with companies as SAFE System Operators
Security Features of the SAFE System
Security for users, transactions and data
Case Study: Deployment in Peru
SAFE system with GKN in Peru: m-banking and m-payments using mobile phones and smart cards
    Case Study: Deployment in Mozambique
SAFE System with Smart Mobile Solutions in Mozambique: m-banking, m-unbanked,
m-payments and mobile subsidies

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