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SETECS Medical Technologies provides security products and services for secure medical applications and transactions. Its individual products can be used by small medical offices, by hospitals, large medical institutions, and hospital groups. In those environments, the products provide: (a) integration of various medical data and applications, (b) access to integrated databases using Web portals, (c) security of data and transactions, (d) authorization to access and use data, and (e) sharing and transfer of data between medical institutions.            

Besides products for individual medical institutions, other products include Regional (Health Information Exchange -- HIE) server and Global National Server. Those servers provide federation and scaling of hospital servers through regional and national secure medical IT infrastrcuture.  

Documentation section may be used to download various brochures and other informative materials about all products and their possible deployments. Users may Run Demo, simulating various functions and steps. In the Downloads section users may download, then install and use secure MIX Client, but its use requires Medical Information Exchange (MIX) smart card and smart card reader.

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