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SETECS Medical Technologies has several types of business partners.

EMR Providers

Those are companies with various Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems as their products. SETECS integrates its MIX system with such products in order to offer the complete and integrated medical application and data processing environment.

Medical Software Products

SETECS partners with companies offering other types of medical IT products with functions complementary to the MIX system. SETECS integrates its MIX family of with such products to offer applications with extended features and functionalities.

System Integrators

System integrators use MIX products to integrate them with other, complementary products or with customer environments to create complete and full medical IT systems.

Software Resellers

Software resellers sell and install MIX products and provide various services for them.

Medical IT Services Providers

SETECS partners with companies providing various medical IT services, including medical portal. Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems, large scale medical data processing sytesm,. etc. 

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