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Hospital MIX Server

The Server integrates medical and other data at the level of the hospital. It receives data from local
EMR systems through HL7 interface. It exchanges medical data with other Hospital MIX Servers through
Regional (HIE) MIX Server.

Hospital MIX Management Station

This station is used to manage functions of the Hospital MIX Server.

MIX Smart Cards Server

The Server is used to issue MIX smart cards for patients and also for professionals (doctors and other
medical personnel). The Server receives requests from Hospital MIX Smart Card Stations.

MIX Smart Cards Issuing Station

This Station is used to manage and use the functions of the MIX Smart Cards Server.

Hospital MIX Smart Cards Station

This Station is used for enrollment of patients and providers (medical personnel) and for creation of
their smart card requests. The Station is also used to manage smart cards after their issuance.
Demographic data for smart cards are fetched from the Hospital MIX Server's database.

Hospital MIX Portal

This Server represents Web interface to the Hospital MIX database, managed by the Hospital MIX Server.
It is used through MIX Medical Stations to access, display and manipulate data in the MIX database.

MIX Medical Station

This Station is security extension of Internet Explorer which is used to access Hospital MIX Portal.

Regional (HIE) MIX Server

This Server represents Health Information Exchange (HIE) server. It links Hospital MIX Servers assisting
them in exchange of medical and other data. It maintains cross-references of patients' data in various
Hospital MIX Servers and assists doctors with distributed queries.

Regional (HIE) MIX Management Station

This Station is used to manage functions of the Regional (HIE) MIX Server.

Global MIX Server

This Server is at the top of the MIX hierarchy. It links multiple Regional (HIE) Servers, assisting them
to exchange data across regions. It also maintains and distributes various global parameters and codes
in the MIX hierarchy: HL7 codes, unique providers' IDs, etc.

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