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Demo of the SETECS Secure Mobile System

Web demos demonstrating use of SETECS Mobile system:
Web SMS Simulator demonstrates system functions based on SMS messages.
Web Portal shows the use of the system based on its Web interface
Web SMS Simulator
Sign up by specifying your phone number and send "sr <firstname> <lastname>" message. Confirm with PIN code.
Demo Web Portal
Demo of on-line operations and transactions
Videos demonstrating the use of SETECS Mobile System:
Individual video clips show different steps when using SETECS Mobile System
Step 1: Initial Registration
After downloading and installing application, user, agent or merchant must register PIN, SAFE system, and himself/herself.
Step 6: Mobile Payments (GPRS/SMS)
User may pay to the merchant using Wallet based on over-the-air messages
Step 2: Registration of User by An Agent
Agents may register users and merchants
Step 7: Mobile Payments using Bluetooth
User may pay to the merchant using Wallet based on Bluetooth messages
Step 3: Cash-In with Agents
Users may deposit cash to their mobile accounts using agents
Step 8: Mobile Payments using NFC
User may pay to the merchant using NFC based on mobile phones or smart cards
Step 4: Cash-Out with Agents
Users may withdraw cash from their mobile accounts using agents
Step 9: International Mobile Payments -- Remittance
SETECS system supports mobile services for international financial transactions
Step 5: Mobile Services for Merchants
Mobile payments, promotions, advertising, coupons, gift cards, and tickets

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