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Customization and Integration with EMR Systems

Before installation and activation, each instance of the MIX system must be linked to locally deployed EMR systems. This is performed using standard HL7 messages. The situation with compliance to HL7 standard is different for many EMR systems. Therefore, SETECS provides customization of MIX components and their integration with various EMR systems.

Customization and Integration with Portals

There are many medical portals (Web interfaces to medical databases) on the market. They all have different panels and functions and use different database schemas. MIX provides the most comprehensive medical database, designed to contain all HL7 messages, segments and attributes. Therefore, in order to use MIX database, Portals' database engines must be adjusted to the MIX database schema. 

Installation and Activation

MIX components are very simple to use, but very complex to install and activate. Installation process requires adjustments of various configuration files, installation of prerequisites, and installation of additional security components and accessoriries. The complete process is described in the Manual, but SETECS with its partners offers efficient instalation and correct activation of the complete system.

Security Services

Together with its partners, SETECS provides federation security services in large-scale infrastructures for medical applications. Federation includes distribution of common parameters to all Regional MIX servers, cross-certification of PKI / CA Servers, sharing of authentication and authorization HIPAA policies, and federated validation services for MIX smart cards.

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