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Installation and Activation

After the partner provides hardware prerequisites (the Server to host mobile system), SETECS installs and activates the system. This service includes transfer of software, its installation, and configuration of all system parameters. After completion, the system is ready to function in a demo mode.


Customization includes development of modules to connect to the local telecom provider and the bank. Through telecom connection, the system exchanges messages with the telecom server. Through connection with the Bank, the system accesses on-line escrow account to manage system financial transactions with mobile accounts. 

System to System Communications

For transactions between two systems (in the same country or between two countries -- remitance), two instances of the system must be linked. This connection and system-to-system transactions are performed using System-to-System Communications Server, operated by SETECS Mobile Technologies. 

Security Services

SETECS provides supporting security services -- issuing smart cards, X.509 certificates, distribution of signed mobile applications, authorization services, and secure access to administrative functions. If mobile servers     are hosted in the cloud, SETECS also provides cloud security services.

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