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SETECS provides development of new, security enhanced applications. Using its security, database, and cryptographic engines and tools, new customized applications can be developed, based on modular, object-oriented, and rapid-applications development methodology. Security in such applications is built-in by design and transparently available and used immediately after installation of the application. 

Customization and Integration

If customers require security services different from those provided by SETECS off-the-shelf products, SETECS provides customization of its products to meet customer requirements. Products may also be integrated with products of other vendors, equivalent to SETECS products, if those are already deployed by the customer. 

Installation and Activation

Various versions, combinations, topologies, and configurations of SETECS products require skill and experience. SETECS assists its customers and partners with that process, combining selected products into a homogeneous and integrated security system.

Security Services

Together with its partners, SETECS provides federation security services in large-scale infrastructures. Federation includes cross-certification of PKI / CA Servers, sharing of authentication and authorization policies, and federated validation services for PIV smart cards. 

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