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Secure Hospital MIX System

This system represents combination of MIX and Security products. It provides protection of medical data and functions performed by the Hospital MIX Server. Security services are: authentication of all users, protection of data in transfer and in databases using encryption, and authorization when performing various fucntions. All security services are based on use of MIX smart cards.

Secure Medical Portals

Medical Portals are protected by authentication and authorization modules. Authentication is based on SAML tickets and Single Sign-On (SSO) protocol. Authorization is based on roles and enforced through authorization policy.

Secure Regional MIX System

Secure Regional MIX System is created as a combination of MIX and Security products. Security services are equivalent to those in the Secure Hospital MIX System. In addition, data in transfer are signed by the sending hospital and enveloped using cryptographic keys of the receiving hospital. Transfers are reliable, in a sense that all transfers are confirmed by the receiving hospital.

MIX Smart Cards Management System

MIX Smart Cards Management System (CMS) is compleet and integrated system for issuing, managing and using MIX smart cards. All data loaded in smart cards are fetched from the MIX database. For patient the full medical data profile is stored in the card. For providers (medical personnel) their professional profiles are stored in the card and used fro authorization of activities.   

Global (National) MIX Infrastructure

Regional (HIE) MIX Servers are linked to the top, Global MIX Server. That server assists Regional MIX Servers to exchange data cross-regions. In addition, it maintains central database of providers' IDs, various codes, tables and serves also as the top level PKI Certificate Authority Server.  

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