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Cloud Security System

Cloud Security System is a combination of several SETECS security products: Identity Management System, Strong Authentication Server, Certification Authority Server, Policy Decision Point and Smart Cards Management System. It performs authentication and authorization of users and issues them SAML tickets needed for access to various secure Portals.

Portal Security System

Portal Security System is deployed in combination with every Portal. It performs Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication of users and authorization of their requests. It works in combination with the central Cloud Security System. 

Corporate Security System

Corporate Security System is a combination of Cloud Security System and Portal Security System. It is deployed as a single, Domain Security System - the combination of those components needed in a particular corporation.   

Smart Cards Management System

Smart Cards Management System (CMS) manages smart cards. It comprises of a central CMS Server that issues smart cards and two types of stations: Enrollement Station and Cards Management Station. Customers may be enrolled, smart cards are issued, and later managed - activated, suspended, re-issued, etc.  

Secure E-Mail and Web Applications

Secure E-mail and Secure Web are two popular applications whose security extensions are based on SETECS security products. Security services are digital signing and encryption applied to E-mail letters and Web pages. Both are based on use of smart cards and security extensions for E-mail client and Internet Explorer.

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